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Why are wellness checkups important for both cats and dogs? Find out now ---->




The Importance of Wellness Checkups

I first wrote about wellness checkups for both cats and dogs after attending a American Veterinary Medical Conference (AVMA) in San Diego. It’s a wonderful opportunity to eavesdrop on the veterinary world, get the latest facts and figures and sit in on interesting workshops. Every five years, AVMA produces a well-researched Pet Demographic Sourcebook. It’s a highly respected tome and, in fact, the U.S. Census Bureau...  

Heat Stroke Prevention: Playing it Cool in the Summer

Currently in the northern hemisphere, winter has departed and summer has arrived. This means longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. For most of us this is a great time to enjoy many outdoor activities including our beloved pets in our fun times. We can “shed” our warm winter clothes, making our adaptation to this climate change more comfortable for us. Our pets, on the other...  

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